POST 6 – Summarizing your Learning

Topic Progress:

Your final post for this course is an opportunity to reflect on your learning journey through the course and to look ahead as you integrate your new knowledge into your teaching practice.

You may choose to complete this post in one of a variety of ways. You may record and post a video, an audio podcast, a screencast, an annotated presentation, an infographic, sketchnotes, or a regular, text-based blog post.

Topics to cover in your final post include, but are not limited to:

  • What are the most important lessons you gathered from the course?
  • How has your thinking changed as a result of completing the course?
  • In what ways did the platform (WordPress) influence your interaction with the content and other people and what you learned?
  • What learning strategies were most effective for you? Why?

In addition to reflecting on your work, please include 2-3 ideas that you would like to implement in your own practice and how you might go about doing so.

When you are finished, please categorize your post as ‘otl301’ and tag it as ‘Post 6’.