Your OLFM responsibilities are outlined in the Collective Agreement. Below is a summary of some of your main responsibilities.

Contacting Students

You will receive an email from whenever a student registers in your course

You should contact your new students:

  • on day one of the course for paced courses.
  • within one week of their registration in continuous entry courses.

You should contact students who have been inactive:

  • at least once every four weeks in continuous entry courses
  • more frequently in paced courses.

Grading, Assessment, and Feedback

You should:

  • Mark and grade assignments, and email (or, in some courses, mail) the assignment back to the student with appropriate feedback, within five business days of receipt.
  • Mark and grade exams and courier the documents to the Exams department within five business days of receipt.
  • Enter assignment, participation (if applicable) and final exam or final project results into TRUemployee as you grade them.
    • By entering assignments and assessment marks into TRUemployee, you are generating your fee payment for each enrolled student.
  • Maintain appropriate back-up records of student achievement (assignment files with grades and feedback) and student contact (emails, phone calls).
  • Answer student queries regarding course material and other related materials.
  • Respond promptly to student questions by email, phone or conferencing.

Vacations and Leaves

  • Request your vacation days at least 30 days in advance for leaves of two weeks or less; and 60 days in advance for leaves that are more than two weeks so that a substitute OLFM can be identified and your students notified.
    • Open Learning Faculty Members should attempt to schedule vacations for periods when they are not delivering a paced course. If this is not possible, they may, once per vacation year, request up to 10 consecutive business days vacation during the delivery of a paced course.
  • When you are going to be absent from your course, you should notify your students by:
    • posting an announcement in the LMS,
    • changing your phone message, and,
    • setting an auto-reply on your email.


You may play an active role in the operation of the University and in Open Learning by becoming a member of committees such as:

  • Senate
  • Planning Council for Open Learning
  • Program Marketing Analysis Committee
  • Faculty Councils
  • Open Learning Advisory Committee
  • Graduate Studies Committee


  • Attend and participate in the annual OLFM Workshop.
  • Monitor your TRU Outlook email account and related folders as frequently as possible. The University communicates vital information, such as changes to courses and their start dates or upcoming events, to you through your TRU email account.
  • Notify Delivery Support in writing regarding any delay that impacts normal response times to assignment or exam marking.