There are three types of payments that you will receive for delivering a course through Open Learning (except for labs):

  1. A per-student fee, called ‘base pay’, is paid whenever a student registers. The amount paid is based on your seniority as an OLFM and is detailed in Appendix A of the collective agreement.
  2. A portion of the Marked Assignment Fee (MAF), detailed in Appendix C of the collective agreement, is paid as you enter student marks into myTRU. The MAF is distributed throughout the course for all interaction with students but is triggered as student marks are entered. The total MAF is divided by the number of assignments in the course.
  3. Most courses are set up to auto-generate payment for marking a final exam or project (Appendix C). If yours is a course that is not set up to auto-generate payment, then you must submit the Exam Marker Form using the button below (you may need to enter your Outlook credentials for access) to submit your claim. Please make sure that you fill out the form completely and send it to

Exam Marker Form

Other Payments

You may be asked or given the opportunity to participate in many other duties in relation to your course or the daily operation of OL. This work is paid according to Appendix A and claimed using a Compensation Claim Form (below).

Compensation Claim Form

You can also access the Expense claim form for travel-related expenses as per TRU’s travel policy:

Expense Claim Form

Professional Development Fund

TRUOLFA administers a professional development fund to cover costs associated with scholarly activities, registration and attendance at conferences and meetings, and course and program tuition. Please contact TRUOLFA prior to committing to any activities that you might want covered.

OL Tuition Waiver

TRU-OL waives tuition fees for two TRU-OL courses, as contained in Appendix “B” of the TRU/TRUOLFA Collective Agreement, in each four month period if you have completed your probationary period. The maximum number of courses for which tuition fees will be waived is six per year.


If you fail to complete two TRU-OL courses without a reasonable explanation, you will no longer be eligible for tuition waivers.

If you terminate your employment with TRU-OL prior to completing a course, you will have to return all course materials in good order.

A family member (spouse or dependent) may register for one TRU-OL course per year, which will be deducted from the six courses per year. If your family member fails to complete two courses without a reasonable explanation, they will no longer be eligible for tuition waivers.

Taxable Benefit

Tuition waivers are a taxable benefit if the course is not a requirement of your position and will be reported on your T4 by the Finance department. If the course is a requirement of your position, the waiver is non-taxable.

TRUOLFA Tuition Waiver Process
  1. TRUOLFA member registers and pays for an OL course.
  2. TRUOLFA member completes the TUITION WAIVER FORM form for tuition reimbursement and emails it to with “OL Tuition Waiver (your name)” in the subject line.

You must register for the course in the fiscal year (April 1- March 31) in which the tuition waiver was approved.