Exams are held every month and the application deadline is one month before the exam date. The department issues a list of the exam dates for each month and maintains a list of what items the student can bring into the exam (e.g. calculator, etc.).

If a student fails an exam, the student may request an Informal Exam Review, apply for a Grade Appeal or pay for another attempt at the course. An informal Exam Review may also be requested by a student who wishes .

Open Learning maintains a list of frequently asked questions about exams.

Coming soon! ProctorU

Open Learning has recently signed a contract with ProctorU for online proctoring of our final exams.  More information will  be sent out to OLFMs as it becomes available.

Informal Exam Reviews

Students may request an informal exam review in order to prepare to write an exam a second time, or to obtain additional information about his or her exam results.

Students who wish to engage in the informal exam review process should email deliverysupport@tru.ca.

As an instructor, once you have received a copy of the first attempt you will contact the student and schedule a time to discuss and review the student’s general strengths and weaknesses (without revealing questions or answers).

An informal exam review will not result in a changed grade for a student, it is for information only.