Online Teaching and Learning 101 is grounded in the CoI concept of ‘cognitive presence,’ which refers to the processes of constructing meaning through sustained communication in a learning context. Participants will learn strategies for encouraging students to take deeper approaches to their learning.

Intended Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. explore the characteristics of cognitive presence in an effective online learning environment;
  2. explain the importance of deep approaches to learning in relation to assessment, feedback and student attainment of learning outcomes;
  3. evaluate the quality of the feedback provided to students in light of relevant evidence-based research;
  4. analyze learning activities and their effectiveness in promoting deep approaches to learning;
  5. provide feedback using the appropriate tools to achieve deep approaches to learning;
  6. create an environment that supports and enhances deeper approaches to learning; and,
  7. monitor your progress towards the achievement of  your goals resulting in an improved and enhanced cognitive presence in your courses.

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Course Materials

Teaching in Blended Learning Environments: Creating and Sustaining Communities of Inquiry is available for free download at