Online Teaching and Learning 301 is grounded in the CoI concept of  ‘teaching presence’ which involves the design, facilitation, and direction of cognitive and social processes to realize learning outcomes. Participants will learn how to manage and promote social and cognitive processes to promote high quality learning experiences.

Intended Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. analyze the characteristics of ‘teaching presence’ in an effective distance learning environment;
  2. critique your teaching presence in light of the characteristics of effective distance learning environments;
  3. evaluate the ways that interactions occur in a distance learning environment and develop ideas to encourage high quality educative interactions;
  4. explore the use of digital tools to enhance teaching presence and promote student learning;
  5. identify gaps in your current practice and establish relevant goals related to improving and enhancing your teaching presence in your courses;
  6. monitor your progress towards achieving your goals resulting in an improved and enhanced teaching presence in your courses.


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Course Materials

Teaching in Blended Learning Environments: Creating and Sustaining Communities of Inquiry is available for free download at http://aupress.ca/index.php/books/120229.