otl 301

How do you create community in your poetry class? How do you create peer workshop activities?

 The class should be into groups of 9 or 10.   Each group should meet twice, so for six weeks, we did intensive workshopping.  Each student was responsible for reading and preparing feedback for only the students in their group, so  for eight or nine other students.

All of group one would prepare written feedback ( post it on Moodle within 24 hours of the workshop).  But as the group would meet twice over the six weeks, on this one day, they had only to prepare feedback for the five people workshopping that day.

Thus, over the six week workshopping period (the last six weeks of the class), each student had only to work on their own poems and prepare feedback for group members.   I would say 400 words per student feedback, I think, so each student would end up writing 3000-3500 words of feedback.

If doing this online, I would use Bigbluebutton, with the class Moodle groups, but also post workshop comments to Moodle forum.  The students learn from hearing each other talk in workshop.  For marking, look at individual students’ posts, count the number of posts and of total words. This will be clearly explained in grading rubric. And the rubric will align with the course learning outcomes too.

The class should begin with lectures mixed with exercises  and video clips of Canadian poets reading their work and talking about it.  (there are lots online now that there are no public readings or book launches).   One could create small groups from the beginning for workshop and forum.

Question: How to make sure students are reading the text and listening to the examples, though, without creating too much more marking?  Perhaps an informal response with some assigned questions.