otl 301

  • Did you engage in each of the phases of the critical inquiry process?
  • Were you able to resolve any problems or dilemmas?
  • What might you do differently in a future course?
  • How might you engage with your students to ensure that they are working through the entire inquiry process?
  • Do you think that working through this course in an open platform like WordPress helps to encourage reflective learning?

I couldn’t get the Self-Coding activity to work. Got up to “Hover over Appearance”, but could not find an “appearance” or “Menus” tab.

Working through these courses, I found that I couldn’t understand how to navigate it until course 3.

I believe that I will use the entire Inquiry process when designing an advanced poetry course for Fall. It will probably be taught online, and we do a lot of peer workshop activities, portfolios and instructor feedback, so techniques discussed in this course will be really useful in developing the Moodle activities and my instructional materials