• What are the most important lessons you gathered from the course?

I learned how important it is to create a sense of community in an online course. This is especially pertinent now in a covid  era, when people are feeling isolated and lonely and looking for community online. The silver lining is that instructors will understand this loneliness too and take our time in self isolation to learn techniques and technologies for opening up our open courses and developing the human factor.

Online learning is essential now, and will be a more desirable alternative now that all students have some experience with it. We have some time now to work on making its use innovative and creative, and to learn from the research already published about thee efficacy of certain strategies.

I didn’t actually find the platform that user-friendly, and I have done online courses before (UBC) that were much easier to use.

What I learned from this is that I have to go into Moodle and investigate all the tools it has. TRU and TRUOL is starting to provide a lot of resources for moving courses online, and I have begun to attend some of their online events.



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