OTL301 Post 5 Self-Coding Activity

  • Did you engage in each of the phases of the critical inquiry process?

Yes, I believe that I engaged in the phases of the critical inquiry process. Each of the phases were addressed: Triggering Event, Exploration, Integration, and Resolution.

  • Were you able to resolve any problems or dilemmas?

I had difficulty with the coding exercise for this activity but was able to resolve it by meeting with Melissa at ELearning TRU Open Learning.

  • What might you do differently in a future course?

I would get students involved as early as possible and learn as much as I can about them and their interests.

  • How might you engage with your students to ensure that they are working through the entire inquiry process?

I would integrate numerous hands on experiential learning activities into my courses. I would utilize technology to encourage student involvement.

  • Do you think that working through this course in an open platform like WordPress helps to encourage reflective learning?
  • I had difficulty with WordPress and found the instructions difficult to follow.

October 18, 2018

Ellen Faulkner