OTL 101 Post 1 – Favourite Vacation Spot

  1. a description of your favourite vacation spot. Answer: my favourite vacation spot is Ottawa, Ontario because this is where I conduct research.
  2. a synopsis of the last novel that you read. Answer: I recently read “The Whistler” – by John Grisham. A whistleblower attempts to influence the FBI  to investigate a fraudulent Judge.
  3. your answers to the following questions in 2-3 sentences:
    • What is the most important characteristic of high quality online learning environments and why it is important? Answer: Allowing students to explore, integrate learning, with a triggering event, followed by resolution.
    • What is one thing that you have learned about teaching online (or face-to-face if you haven’t taught online) in the last year and how has it impacted your practice? Answer: I have learned that it is important to integrate three factors into the Community of Inquiry: Social Presence, Cognitive Presence, and Teaching Presence.
    • What questions do you have about online teaching and learning? Answer: This course is very interesting however, I’m wondering whether this course could be offered in Moodle, a platform that most faculty at TRU are used to working in? I enjoy reading the theoretical discussions in the videos and articles.