OTL 301 – Post 5 – Self-reflection on critical inquiry process

Looking at the self-coded categories from my different posts, I notice that I did engage in all four phases of the critical inquiry process, and that it was not a linear process. I was able to resolve certain issues by thinking about them and relating them to the course materials, using these to further my reflection on how I would/should/could handle particular situations, issues, challenges, and problems.

In order to engage students to make sure they are working through the critical inquiry process, facilitation and direct instruction techniques from this course could be used to make sure they are initially engaged in the learning process, or that they are fully exploring the different facets of an issue, or to help guide them toward integration and resolution.

I find the WordPress platform useful in that I can read other students’ posts, but also inhibiting in some ways because I know others’ can read my work…