OTL 301 – Post 1 – Effective practice

Hello, My name is Chantal Faucher. I am new to TRU OL and will be teaching Crim 4121 (Crime and the Media) and 3321 (Sociology of Law). I have quite a bit of experience as a f2f instructor (10+ years), but I do not really have much experience as an online teacher or learner outside of these OTL courses, so the most significant experience I can draw from for this post is the current one.

One thing that I have found very helpful has been reading other people’s blogs. It has allowed me to get examples of what the work might look like when the explanations haven’t been clear to me. It has allowed me to compare and contrast my own ideas, experiences, and interpretations of the readings with those of others even though I have never met them. I have also appreciated the videos, putting a face to the name has allowed to overcome some of the “distance” in this type of learning environment.

Some things that I might change… I think, for me, the learning would have been enhanced if the blog posts were better organized and grouped together.  I could not seem to figure out how to get the posts organized other than chronologically.  I would have preferred to be able to view several of the same posts at once, rather than having to skim through the lists of posts to find the ones that matched what I was currently working on. I am sure the categories and tags are meant to facilitate the process, but I did not find them helpful for locating the posts I wanted to see.