301 Post 6

The most important lessons I gathered from the course is just really the acknowledgment and understanding of how to ‘set the stage’ for learning and seeing the need to learn how to balance the need between the too much to too little involvement with scholarly leadership in assisting students to meet their learning outcomes

My thinking that has changed as a result of completing the course is the understanding that I am there to support the students learning to be self-directed in their own learning – and this is the awareness I need to have in being able to balance my involvement.

I appreciated the learning strategies that reminded us how our balance in our interactional leadership needs to make the students feel safe to make mistakes and to explore new ideas. It was good awareness for me how too much involvement can take away from the students self-directednes in their learning and can absolutely lead to them feeling unsafe.

I also appreciated the learning around assessments and ensuring that they are congruent with the intended processes and outcomes – and making this a consistent practise when designing assessments is key to evaluating if they align (this was a very valuable strategy to learn, as this was something I did not do enough).

Another key learning strategy was ensuring we establish community and cohesion by focussing on the process of actually facilitating the process so students feel socially connected and encouraged to engage. I think it is so easy for instructors to focus too much on the contents of the learning outcomes – and really, the learning comes from the students’ engagement, collaboration with others, with the instructor ect. – that we need to be reminded of where our efforts are be utilized the most.