301 Post 4

The topics of discussion and/or questions asked: What you found most challenging? & What helped you to encourage social learning amongst students?

Answers, solutions & suggestions:

  1. The importance of designing the course to include and encourage on-going interaction amongst students and with instructor
  2. Want to start the norm of encouraging interpersonal and open communication
  3. Encourage feedback providing amongst students  – encourage previous students in course to provide feedback to new students in course.
  4. Be very clear on assessment criteria (even when student is creative and you agree on different assignment or it altered somewhat – be clear on assessment criteria)                                                         Key lessons learned through the conversation: On-going collaborative, interpersonal and open communication is key and the prep work in designing the course to allow for this is key for consistency.  What I want to incorporate from what I learned in this course is focussing on the process of actually facilitating the experience of the course so the students feel socially connected to the course, other students and myself and are then therefore, encouraged and engaged.