201 post 5

  • Concepts that have impacted my thoughts on student engagement and retention during this course is the categories of interaction – it made me remember that interaction needs to be cohesive to allow both interpersonal and open interaction so the students feel connected and engaged with both the teacher, the class and the other students. I also appreciated Vaughan, Cleveland-Innes & Garrison’s guidelines for faculty – the need for opportunity for on-going social interaction and making online interactions the norm are important factors to remember to allow students to again feel connected and engaged.
  • I plan on implementing consistent cohesive interaction to make this the norm for learners to increase student retention and engagement.
  • I like the idea of students creating effective educational media as tools to get to know one another on an interpersonal and open level of interaction as this makes them feel more connected to the course and being able to interact more freely with others in the course.
  • I think a question I have with respect to student engagement and retention is regarding how to help those students that are not wanting to engage at a higher level and are focussed more on wanting to get the course done as quickly as possible? I know when I’ve had similar students in a class setting, I generally speak to the class as a whole and discuss the benefits of engaging with other students, practising the class concepts during in-class activities and coming to me, or emailing me, at any time to discuss material or have questions, concerns etc. As well, at times when a student is still not engaging, I send them an email to ‘check-in’ to see how they are doing. I’m thinking I can use similar tactics within the online setting – ie: posting the discussions mentioned above and then reaching out with individual posts to learners that appear to be disengaged.