otl101 post 3

I selected the syllabus for a f2f course I am new to teaching this upcoming semester. The course is called Hotel Sales & Service. It was developed in 2003 and I think that the learning outcomes have been modified over the years to suit the expertise of the particular instructor. The course is designed to teach students various sales techniques for the hospitality industry. The projects assigned for the course are intended to give the students a realistic introduction to hotel sales and marketing. Although the course title is Hotel Sales & Service, only one of the learning outcomes relate to gaining competency in delivering service. The projects include designing a postcard, poster, and tent card promotion. There are 2 quizzes and a final project worth 25% of the final grade that is described as product design and presentation. The competencies identified in the learning outcomes all begin with terms such as understand, be able to explain, and describe. These seem to be low level skills and the learning outcomes do not tie with the assessments in my opinion.

One of the learning outcomes is describe service techniques used by industry to ensure customer satisfaction. I would modify this to evaluate the various service techniques used in the industry and develop best practices for a  specific target market. Another learning outcome is be able to explain the various promotional tools used to attract key markets. I would modify this to plan and create a promotional sales tool to attract key markets. The assessment that would be linked with this learning outcome would be a project to develop a FAM (familiarisation) trip for a group of meeting planners or travel agents. Students would create an itinerary and outline the operational logistics required to execute the trip. This assessment would provide students with the opportunity to integrate the sales process with service delivery.