OTL 301 Post 6

I definitely learned a lot of lessons from this course! First, facilitating the social-emotional aspects of students within an eLearning environment is crucial. It contributes to a sense of community and can promote online interactions. Additionally, strategically designing assignments and crafting well thought out questions can foster a sense of inquiry, organization, and open communication. Next, I also learned that instructors play a vital role in supporting cognitive learning and nurturing a positive and conducive context for learning and participation. Not only do instructors need to be leaders but also experts in their field to engage students in a community of inquiry. Also, the feedback is important while taking into account the cultural profiles of the learners. Teaching in elearning environments, I sometimes feel a bit isolated not being able to see the students and having those f2f discussions.  However, this course has reminded me that students probably feel just as isolated as I do if not more! One strategy that I will implement in my elearning course is to continue discussions with students to promote higher engagement. Another strategy that I plan to use is to learn more about my students at the beginning of a course. I often delve straight into assignments with just a short time frame for getting to know students.  This course has helped me appreciate the course designers who put in careful analysis, time, work, and their expertise into the development of each course. I have a better appreciation of the learning outcomes, questions, assignments, and assessments which are so carefully crafted to help students be motivated and engaged in a community of inquiry. I can’t imagine the time it would take to design such a course.  Thank you!