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Program Delivery supports the teaching and learning process by providing timely, accessible, flexible, and high quality service to students, Open Learning Faculty Members, and other TRU departments through the innovative use of technologies and the implementation of best practices in distance learning.

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We offer a series of three online courses designed to build your competence and capacity in teaching in an online environment.

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  • 0TL 201 POST 6 – Portfolio Update

    OTL201 POST 6 – Portfolio Update Topic Progress: ← Back to Lesson Create a new post and include a link to or embed an updated version of your Learning Activities Portfolio, which you started in Lesson 3,  including a total of five entries. Once you have completed this post, you have completed the course. Course […]

  • OTL201 Post 5 – Integration

    otl201 POST 5 – Integration What are the 2-3 most important concepts that have impacted your thoughts on student engagement and retention during this course? The concept of Social Presence and Interaction have impacted my thoughts on student engagement and retention during this course. Garrison, Anderson, and Archer use the following definition of social presence: […]

  • OTL201 Post 4 – Your Video

    POST 4 – Your Video Topic Progress: ← Back to Lesson Your task for Lesson 3 is to plan and create a short video that you can use in multiple courses to either introduce yourself or to provide a relevant tutorial or commentary. You may also want to create a video to summarize your learning […]

  • OTL301 Post 6 – Summarizing your Learning

    OT301 POST 6 – Summarizing your Learning Your final post for this course is an opportunity to reflect on your learning journey through the course and to look ahead as you integrate your new knowledge into your teaching practice. You may choose to complete this post in one of a variety of ways. You may […]

  • OTL301 Post 4 Interview

    OTL301 POST 4 – Interview The instructor I interviewed for this assignment is the Probation Officer who taught CORR – 1000OL003 – Adult Correction Officer (Online) with the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC). I was a student in this continuous entry online course.  Course Details: This course is designed for members of the public […]