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Program Delivery supports the teaching and learning process by providing timely, accessible, flexible, and high quality service to students, Open Learning Faculty Members, and other TRU departments through the innovative use of technologies and the implementation of best practices in distance learning.

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We offer a series of three online courses designed to build your competence and capacity in teaching in an online environment.

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  • Looking back, looking forward

    I showcased my second post because it focused on critical thinking, which I value highly in my teaching and the material in that lesson gave me new ideas to think about in relation to the teaching and learning of critical thinking skills. Looking back on my teaching, the most important lesson I draw from this …

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  • The feedback trough

    Providing feedback sometimes presents a challenge because it seems to be ignored often, or used as a basis for arguing about a grade.  I always try to start with some positive feedback (what they have done well, or at least the demonstration of an effort), which I think aligns with the “self” level. After that, …

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  • Learning outcomes

    The department-approved learning outcomes for Intro to Criminology are: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 1. Explain, critique, and apply theories of crime (e.g. Classical, biological/psychological, social structure, social process, social conflict) 2. Explain, and cite examples of, how theory informs policy and practice in Canada and globally 3. Compare …

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  • Critical thinking as a process and an outcome

    The development of critical thinking, though often not an enumerated learning objective, guides much of what I aspire to for my students. Such an orientation can be seen through the selection of course materials as well as through questions that I ask and tasks that I assign in a course. I had never before explored …

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  • Eating lobster with the Queen!

    My word cloud emphasizes student learning and engagement (as it should, probably!), but also references my favourite vacation spot (Old Orchard Beach, Maine) and my most recent pleasure reading (Mrs. Queen takes the train). Although perhaps a disparate set of ideas, they all do evoke reflections on common themes: the roles we have, our obligations …

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