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Program Delivery supports the teaching and learning process by providing timely, accessible, flexible, and high quality service to students, Open Learning Faculty Members, and other TRU departments through the innovative use of technologies and the implementation of best practices in distance learning.


We offer a series of three online courses designed to build your competence and capacity in teaching in an online environment.


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  • OTL101 Post 2

    The 4 phase practical inquiry model is new to me, but interestingly, as a safety professional, I see and use phases similar to those identified in the model to resolve safety issues and improve  workplace safety through the incident investigation process. In the safety world, the triggering event (phase 1) is an incident or identification … Continue reading “OTL101 Post 2”

  • Post 5 OTL 101 – Showcase

    Q: Take a look back through your previous posts and apply the ‘Showcase’ category to your best work. A: I would highlight my learning outcomes in post 4. Q: Write a few words about why you think that post or those posts stand out. A: I like this post because I wrote it to demonstrate…

  • Post 6 OTL 301 – Concluding Thoughts

    Q: What are the most important lessons you gathered from the course? A: Presence is everything in having a successful course but it changes when we remove the physical classroom element from the equation. One needs to be proactive with students, not just reactive. Final course completion dates can be very effective in motivation J…

  • Post 5 OTL 301 – Self Coding Activity

    I was somewhat engaged and progressed in the stages of the critical inquiry process. I think I am leaving this process with some new enlightenment. It was interesting to see different approaches to challenges in online teaching and learning and to see that my progress to date via trial and error is somewhat on track…

  • Post 4 OTL 301 – Interview

    Given that this is August and nobody is around to be properly interviewed for this post I have decided to undertake a reflection on my first 11 months at hosting a continuous entry course on a technically challenging topic being ACCT 3231 – Income Tax 2. A little background on this course. Over the past…