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Program Delivery supports the teaching and learning process by providing timely, accessible, flexible, and high quality service to students, Open Learning Faculty Members, and other TRU departments through the innovative use of technologies and the implementation of best practices in distance learning.


We offer a series of three online courses designed to build your competence and capacity in teaching in an online environment.


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  • OTL 301 Post 5

      Upon reflection, I’m quite surprised that I went through the critical inquiry process. This course instigated the triggering event by having me elicit my background knowledge and past experiences. This was my buy-in. The exploration phase occurred when new definitions, terms, and even technological problems were experienced. These problems pushed me out of my […]

  • OTL 301 Post 6

    I definitely learned a lot of lessons from this course! First, facilitating the social-emotional aspects of students within an eLearning environment is crucial. It contributes to a sense of community and can promote online interactions. Additionally, strategically designing assignments and crafting well thought out questions can foster a sense of inquiry, organization, and open communication. […]

  • OTL 301 Post 4

    I searched around for online instructors who would be available for an interview but no one was answering my emails- most likely because it is summer vacation. Andresen’s (2009) article indicates many concepts which address some of the lesson’s questions. To promote community and connection, instructors should consider the appropriate length of time to discuss […]

  • OTL 301 Post 3

    Learning Outcome #1: Develop adaptations to address the students’ strengths and needs and the curriculum. Activity: Students read and analyze a case study. Students then determine what strategies teachers can use to address a variety of mathematical domains. Students will use research articles and recommended websites to help them with the assignment. For example: http://www.ldonline.org/indepth/math […]

  • OTL 301 Post 2

    Now that I read more about teaching presence, I realize that establishing cohesion and sustaining respect and responses is necessary and needs to be added to my repertoire of effective practices. While I identified an excellent curriculum and responding to students’ posts are critical characteristics of teaching presence, I now realize that it goes beyond […]